One of my Personal Heros Iyanla vanzant

One of my Personal Heros Iyanla vanzant

I met Iyanla at a book signing it was truly a thrill for me because i have been following her work since i was a teenager. I can remember when i first saw her on a hit television show called “The starting over house” it was about women who moved into this house who were looking for healing in their life. Iyanla was one of the life coaches who helped the women and i remember being hooked instantly to her brand of wisdom. I started acquiring her books she made such a difference in my life and encouraged me to better myself . When i met her she held my hand and told me i was blessed and beloved and that she appreciated my loyal adoration that meant so much to me. I proudly hang my autographed photo in my home and it reminds me of my journey of healing and love that was provided to me by my hero.